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Rob Douglas, Paul Cayard, James Spithill and Paul Campbell James sailed aboard l’Hydroptère

lundi 1er octobre 2012Redaction SSS [Source RP]

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l’Hydroptère DCNS arrived in San Francisco Bay a month ago, when the America’s World Series regattas resumed between the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz Island. During several weeks, the flying sailors shared the technology of their "flying carpet" with the American public and their training sessions with guests on board. A few hours before the start of the next ACWS regattas and of the Fleet Week, here is a flashback of a very intense month on l’Hydroptère DCNS.

"It is an honor to wear the colors of DCNS and to represent a France that is innovative in a place embodying the passion for technology and the pioneering spirit that is recognized and encouraged. Our boat raises much interest and although the record Record #sailingrecord attempt is postponed to next spring, we remain focused and continue sailing as much as possible in the bay. We will sail back to Los Angeles during the month of October, "said Alain Thébault, skipper and designer of l’Hydroptère DCNS.

While the Kiwis make their first flights on AC72 AC72 #AC72 , the team of l’Hydroptère DCNS wanted to share their experience of high speed on foils with the leading teams of the bay. Paul Cayard, CEO of Artemis Racing, James Spithill, helmsman on Oracle Racing and Paul Campbell James on LUNA ROSSA Racing have thus succeeded at the helm of the fastest sailing boat in the world, with top speeds over 40 knots.

The 34th America’s Cup America's Cup #AmericasCup , already under the sign of rigid wings and more recently marine Marine Marine nationale wings looks exciting. Pioneers of this technology since 2009 and holders of the outright sailing speed record Record #sailingrecord over one nautical mile (50.17 knots of average speed), the crewmembers of Alain Thébault passionately follow the evolution of the most famous sailing race in the world. Some of its organizers, including John Craig (Principal Race Officer), Mike Martin (Director of Umpiring and Rules Administration) or Stan Honey (Director of Technology) also experienced the sensations of the flying carpet.

In this logic of sharing experience, another distinguished guest worn the garment of l’Hydroptère DCNS for a few days. Rob Douglas, holder of the outright sailing speed record over 500 meters since 2010, with a run at 56 knots, participated in the mile record of San Francisco Bay. Set to an average of 37.5 knots for this first attempt, this record is a sign sent to the different speed crafts in the bay.

"This is a first result that should generate a bit of envy. We hope to see it soon improved by others and, who knows, come and defend it next summer after our crossing to Hawaii. It is important to share and create blends, we are a few around the world to live for very high speed. Before Rob, we had already welcomed Paul Larsen from Sailrocket, Tim Dado from Mcquarrie Innovation and the giant Anders Brindal "joked Alain Thébault.

The French trimaran will sail in the San Francisco Bay this week on the fringes of the AC World Series and of the “Fleet week”, the great naval parade organized by the U.S. Navy. For a couple days, the Bay will be the stage of epic pictures.

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