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SeaSailSurfer of October 2010 : Alex Caizergues

First man sailing over 100 mph

Tuesday 2 November 2010Christophe Guigueno

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On said kitesurfing is not sailing. Other said the Luderitz Speed Speed #speedsailing Challenge’ spot is not deep enough. But the channel in Namibia is a fixed place with 500 meters marks and is more than 80 cm deep. When kitesurfers and windsurfers sail there, there are truly in the spirit of the original Weymouth and Brest Brest #brest Speed Speed #speedsailing Weekds. Their records are not registered by a GPS over the best 500 meters in the 3 nm run. Douglas, Consorti, etc are ture record Record #sailingrecord holders and Alex Caizergues, 1rst to go over the 100 mph is the SeaSailSurfer of the month!

Le baromètre SeaSailSurf of october 2010

Going Up
:-)) :-)) :-)) Charlotte Consorti 1st woman over 50 knots
:-)) :-)) Rob Douglas New record holder over 500 m
:-)) François Gabart Cap Istanbul winner and new n°1 in the Figaro-Bénéteau class
Going Down
:-(( David Raison Magnum had to withdraw again
:-(( :-(( Gildas Morvan has lost in the Marmara sea the cap Istanbul and the championship
:-(( :-(( :-(( Pierre-Yves Lautrou Only one to abandon before the start of the Rhum after an accident when convoying his Class40

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