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Velux 5 Oceans

Same onboard cameras for Open 60s

A standardised package for the first 12 skippers of the race

jeudi 11 février 2010Information Velux 5 Oceans

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Velux and Clipper invest in new onboard cameras and media systems across fleet, enabling skippers to document the action 24/7 and communicate with race followers on land.

For the first time in singlehanded offshore racing, the Velux 5 Oceans Velux 5 Oceans #Velux5Oceans will provide a standardised package of cutting edge onboard cameras and communications management systems for the competing fleet. In partnership with Marine Marine Marine nationale Camera Solutions, the worldwide leader in supplying ocean racing communications services and support, Velux Group as title sponsor and race organisers Clipper Ventures have commissioned the design, production and installation of new onboard cameras and media desks to fit on each racing yacht to record Record #sailingrecord all the action at sea during the nine months of The Ultimate Solo Challenge.

The experienced team at Marine Marine Marine nationale Camera Solutions, lead by Tony Reid and Rob Sleep, will supply a functional and powerful onboard media system for the first twelve entries ready to cross the start line in La Rochelle in October 2010. Capturing the action in high quality 16:9 SD and recording to tape, the core of the system comprises a lightweight membrane control panel, with a video screen, mounted in the navigation station. The system also incorporates a handheld video camera with a waterproof housing and state of the art wireless microphone and earpiece that will ensure the highest quality audio and filming, even in the most demanding environments.

Designed with power efficiency and solo sailors in mind, the system will allow footage to be captured and transmitted (web or broadcast quality) from the yacht but can also deliver a live video feed for broadcast quality video conferencing and web streaming.

Commenting on the commitment to the onboard camera systems, Michael Rasmussen, Chief Marketing Officer for Velux said, “Velux and Clipper Ventures have set ambitious goals for the Velux 5 Oceans Velux 5 Oceans #Velux5Oceans in 2010 – we are seeking to change the mould of solo ocean racing and define a new dimension in communicating the incredible stories of our skippers to a global audience. We recognised that delivering a minimum standard of high quality video footage would be the key to taking the race far and wide across television, digital and new media platforms. We therefore decided to invest in onboard communications on behalf of our skippers, partnering with Marine Camera Solutions to design, produce and install a package of onboard cameras and tailored media desk that would deliver the required content for our skippers and race media team.”

Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, Chairman of Clipper Ventures, concluded, “Marine Camera Solutions are the leaders in understanding the latest trends in onboard communications and ensuring high quality images onboard offshore racing yachts. They were our natural partner to deliver the best equipment available to the skippers in the Velux 5 Oceans, and are now in the process of designing and building the integrated camera and media systems which they will install on each boat. This represents a significant financial investment on behalf of our skippers, complementing the support we have already announced, notably the services on offer in each host port, a prizefund of €500,000 and €3,500 per team per stopover to offset accommodation costs. With the world class media team we are putting in place, this onboard camera system will undoubtedly mean that the media exposure for our skippers and partners will beat the impressive global results achieved in the last edition of the race.”

Tony Reid, co-founder of Marine Camera Solutions, concluded, “Marine Camera Solutions will supply a new, functional and powerful onboard media system which we have developed for the Velux 5 Oceans. We have created a solution for this race built on what we have learnt in the past about combining the demands of getting captivating content for multi-platform media partners, whilst still being intuitive and easy to use for the skippers. We will continue to work closely with the race media team and skippers to ensure the high quality footage delivers for all parties involved and tells the story of this race as it unfolds.”

Velux and Clipper Ventures are equally studying a supplementary investment package to provide photography cameras to every skipper, as well as furnishing each yacht with the latest technology for transmitting images back to race HQ and an airtime budget for each skipper to facilitate live broadcasts, videoconferences and the transmission of images during ocean sprints. The Velux 5 Oceans will work with Marine Camera Solutions throughout the race to provide support to skippers both during ocean sprints and during stopovers in host ports, solving technical problems and making necessary repairs. They will also work with the race TV team to ensure the delivery of images for television programming and news, including media training on creating engaging content.

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Summary of Skipper Support Packages for Skippers (first 12 across start line) :

- €500,000 Prizefund
- €250,000 investment in accommodation (€3,500 per team per stopover)
- €300,000 minimum investment in onboard cameras and communications management systems
- 2 x fixed video cameras (recording in 16:9 SD) – onboard positions to be agreed with skippers
- 1 x roaming video Handycam (recording in 16:9 SD)
- Wireless microphone and earpiece headset, plus ambient microphone
- Camera control unit on navigation table
- HDV Recorder unit and media system management processor
- Dedicated media laptop with Livewire M-Link Voyager software
- €600,000 Value in Kind through in port services and race partners/suppliers

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