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SeaSailSurfer of 2008 : Francisco Lobato

Ernesto Bertarelli wins the « 2008 Paperboard Surf »

samedi 31 janvier 2009Christophe Guigueno

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Portugese sailor Francisco Lobato, winner in 2008 of the solo mini 650 Mini 650 #mini650 race Les Sables – The Azores – Les Sables at the helm of a serie division yacht, is the SeaSailSurfer of the year 2008. You vote for him (and mostly the ones coming from his web site). with 341 votes he finishes ahead of Francis Joyon and Samantha Davies. The first « Paperboard Surf Surf #Surf  » goes to Ernesto Bertarelli.

During the month of January, your were a lot to vote for the SeaSailSurfer of the year. This time, you choose the Pogo 2 skipper, Francisco Lobato ( He followes Pierre-Yves Moreau and Benoît Lequin who won in 2007.

SeaSailSurfer 2008
1 LOBATO Francisco 35% (341)
2 JOYON Francis 13% (124)
3 DAVIES Samantha 11% (107)
4 DESJOYEAUX Michel 9% (84)
5 JOSCHKE Isabelle 3% (33)
6 TROUSSEL Nicolas 3% (32)
6 PEYRON Loick 3% (32)
8 ALBEAU Antoine 3% (31)
9 BERENGER Nicolas 3% (30)
10 DICK Jean-Pierre 2% (21)
11 COVILLE Thomas 2% (20)
11 LEROY Claire 2% (20)
13 AINSLIE Ben 2% (18)
13 CAIZERGUES Alex 2% (18)
15 GREGOIRE Jeanne 1% (12)
16 CATTELAN Sebastien 1% (11)
16 LAUTROU P.Y. 1% (11)
18 STEYEART Sarah 1% (10)
19 BONTEMPS Julien 1% (7)
20 GILMORE Stephanie 0% (4)

For the first "Paperboard surf Surf #Surf ", you gave the price to Ernesto Bertarelli. May be you think that the responsability of the America’s Cup America's Cup #AmericasCup problems come more from Swiss than from USA (Ellison is only 5).

Second is Maud Fontenoy and her "round the world" race. Third is Figaro sailor Antonio Pedro Da Cruz.

Surf Surf #Surf de carton 2008
1 BERTARELLI Ernesto 26% (48)
2 FONTENOY Maud 20% (37)
3 PEDRO DA CRUZ Antonio 17% (31)
4 GALFIONE Jean 10% (18)
5 ELLISON Larry 9% (16)
6 STAMM Bernard 8% (15)
7 CAMMAS Franck 4% (8)
8 THEBAULT Alain 4% (7)
9 GAUTIER Alain 1% (2)
9 VAN David 1% (2)

The rules

As every year, you have one month to vote for the SeaSailSurfer of the year ! Here isa list of 20 names from which you can select your SeaSailSurfers of the year. and for the first time this year, you can also vote for the « 2008 Paperboard Surf »…

This a list of 20 personalities which illustrated themselves in 2008 in sailing, kitesurfing or surfing. Twelve of them were seen allotting the title of SeaSailSurfer of the month. The eight others established notable performances during this year. It is now up to you to vote (NB now : You can vote 1 time every 15 days and choose 2 names). The results will be announced at the beginning of February.

List of SeaSailSurfers of the year 2008

ALBEAU Antoine (FRA)
- SeaSailSurfer of March
- 49,09 knots on a windsurf

- Finn olympic champion
- 3 gold medals and 1 silver in 4 olympics
- ISAF sailor of the year

-  Cap Istanbul winner

-  SeaSailSurfer of August
-  Silver medialist in Bejing (board sailing)

-  outrighted record holder over 500 meters with 50,57 knots

CATTELAN Sébastien (FRA)
-  SeaSailSurfer of October
-  First man to sail over 50 knots on 500 meters

-  SeaSailSurfer of July
-  Solo North Atlantic record holder

DAVIES Samantha (GBR)
-  SeaSailSurfer of November
-  Top photographer on the Véndée Globe
-  First non french sailor at the end of december

-  SeaSailSurfer of December
-  From last to 1st in the Vendée Globe

DICK Jean-Pierre (FRA)
-  SeaSailSurfer of February
-  Barcelona World Race winner

-  5th of the Solitaire du Figaro
-  Best women performance in the solo race

-  SeaSailSurfer of September
-  Cap Istanbul leg 3 winner

JOYON Francis (FRA)
-  SeaSailSurfer of January
-  Solo south Atlantic record holder
-  Solo round the world record holder
-  FFV sailor of the year

LAUTROU Pierre-Yves (FRA)
-  SeaSailSurfer of June
-  Winner of the Mini-Fastnet

LEROY Claire (FRA)
-  SeaSailSurfer of April
-  Double world match-racing champion

LOBATO Francisco (POR)
-  Scratch winner of Les Sables – Les Açores – Les Sables

-  SeaSailSurfer of May
-  The Artemis Transat Winner

GILMORE Stephanie (AUS)
-  Double surf world champion

-  Laser Radial world champion

-  Double winner of the Solitaire du Figaro

The « 2008 Paperboard Surf »

Who will recieve the « 2008 Paperboard Surf » this year ? To you to choose

For the first time, SeaSailSurfnautes are seen proposing shorts-list of 10 names of personalities of the surfing sports which are to illustrate for an anti performance in 2008. A dismasting or a spectacular crash landing, projects insane or badly understood, one saw of all this year. It is up to you to choose who, in your eyes, deserves this “paperboard surf” this year !

- BERTARELLI Ernesto : Alinghi owner broke the America’s Cup whith his new rules.
- CAMMAS Franck : In February, Groupama 3’ skipper ended his Jules Verne Trophy upside down away from New Zealand. voir ici.
- ELLISON Larry : BMW Oracle Racing CEO broke the America’s Cup (too) with his DoG challenge.
- FONTENOY Maud : In February, the skipper of the monohull L’Oreal dismasted as whe was ending her round the world trip against the winds. voir ici.
- GALFIONE Jean : With Gilles Favennec, the champion withdrawed in the Transat AG2R after rounding the madeira island in last position. voir ici.
- GAUTIER Alain : In march, he gave the helm of this trimaran to Ed Baird while the weather conditions were heavy. It did finished with a spectacular capsize away from Lorient. voir ici.
- PEDRO DA CRUZ Antonio : In October, the capverdian skipper has been penalized by the jury in the 5th leg Cap Istanbul. voir ici.
- STAMM Bernard : In December, he finished his Vendée Globe on the rocks in the Kerguelen island. voir ici.
- THEBAULT Alain : The Hydroptère ’skipper finished a 61 knots (GPS) run upside down. voir ici.
- VAN David : In January, this American wanted to round the world by single handing a sellf made strange trimaran, the Tin Can. voir ici.

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