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SeaSailSurfers of 2007

SeaSailSurfer of december : Stephanie Gilmore

Rookie and surfing world champ

dimanche 30 décembre 2007Christophe Guigueno

For the first time in the ASP World tour, a rookie has won the championship. Stephanie Gilmore, 19 yo, wins the 2007 ranking ahead of Peruvian Sofia Mulanovich and Silvana Lima from Brazil.

This year, Stephanie Gilmore has won 4 of the 8 events of the circuit. She has won the Rip Curl Pro, the famous Bells Beach, the NAB Beachley Classic in Sydney, the Mancora Peru Classic and the Billabong Girls Pro in Hawaii.

She has won more than 86000 dollars this year, enough to double a total of gains from the time she entered in the professional circuit. We can be sure we will see again Stephanie Gilmore in 2008 as one big pretender to succeed to heurself. But for the month of december, she is the SeaSailSurfeur of the month.

SeaSailSurf’s barometer of december2007

Going up


Francis Joyon What could stop Francis ? In 2008, he is going to come back to Brest Brest #brest , may be in less than 60 days… Non-stop(pable).


Claire Leroy The french helmswoman has been celebrated as sailor of the year by the ISAF. To the top.


Lequin & Moreau These two men have broken the North Atlantic record Record #sailingrecord aboard a 20’ sport cat. Pym Pam !

Going Down


Roland Jourdain Véolia’skipper and his friend Jean-Luc Nélias have withdrawn with the Barcelona World Race Barcelona World Race #barcelonaworldrace . Dismasting 1.

Jérémie Béyou Delta Dore’skipper and his friend Sidney Gavignet have withdrawn with the Barcelona World Race Barcelona World Race #barcelonaworldrace . Dismasting 2.


Vincent Riou PRB’skipper and his friend Sébastien Josse have withdrawn with the Barcelona World Race. Dismasting 3.

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