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The new Farr 35’ canting keel one-design

Design #613 will be built in Dubai to replace Farr 36

mardi 12 décembre 2006Redaction SSS [Source RP]

Design #613 represents the culmination of intense discussions with the client, who previously owned a Farr 36 One Design. The carefully prepared brief called for an inshore boat with sufficient freeboard for coastal race capability, legs out hiking and minimal interior. The goal was to produce a very fast boat keelboat for its size (35 to 38 ft) crewed by no more than 6 or 7 intermediate level sailors. Racing venues included Key West, the Great Lakes and a variety of other regattas.

There has been considerable interest world wide in a mono hull that fits this vision and there are a number of examples similar to this style of boat. The acceptance of canting keel technology and the incredible outright speed of the VO 70’s and Open 60’s has opened many sailors’ minds to new frontiers of high performance mono hull sailing.

The challenge was to incorporate as many go fast features as possible while staying within sensible limits of price, ease of operation, and meeting safety standards of category 3 Offshore Special Regulations including stability and fit out requirements. The obvious goals are to provide high stability to carry a powerful sail plan, keep the whole package as light as possible, reduce drag, and produce a boat that will break out into high speeds in a controllable manner. These goals are blended with the desire to be a good all rounder for buoys races in a wide range of wind speeds, good in coastal type races where reaching performance and handling are important, and avoid any glaring weaknesses that are seen in some attempts at this concept.

Design #613 has a 45-degree canting keel, twin asymmetric canards and twin retractable rudders on a hull with high form stability. This combination has been explored in our Open 60, VO70, Cookson 50 and Leopard 3 research work and this project presented fertile ground to draw from our experience. The hull shape combines the demands for minimizing light air (low speed) drag with high-speed stability and excellent handling qualities. Twin rudders will help control in extreme conditions.

The rig is a transplant from skiff Skiff #skiff rig development with a large square-headed main on a highly swept spreader, no backstay rig. The concept should provide some automatic de powering, and minimize demands on the crew during maneuvers to leave hands available for canard operation, keel activation and sail handling. The retractable bowsprit stretches the sail plan to allow ample downwind sail area in the form of asymmetric spinnakers.

Construction is in carbon skin honeycomb core sandwich, with carbon keel fin, and an all up weight of 2400 Kg. Motoring power comes from an 20 HP outboard that is retractable in a well that opens to the cockpit. The keel is activated by a hydraulic ram/electric pump system.

The boat is being built by Premier Composite Technologies in Dubai who have received ongoing orders. Hull #1 is due to launch in Dubai in February 2007. The design team has been thoroughly engrossed by this project and is pleading for crew spots on this exciting boat.

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