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America’s Cup

TeamBreizhLand : A Breton challenger for the XXXIInd America’s Cup

mardi 1er avril 2003

Following the numerous annoucements from west of France cities to be candidate to organise the XXXIInd America’s Cup America's Cup #AmericasCup and the ones of the official (and non-official) french teams like K-Challenge, Le Défi and Loïck Peyron’s personal challenge, a Breton team has decided to enter in the ground of the most important saling event of the new century. Team Breizh Land, based in Lorient Lorient L’actualité du port de Lorient et de sa région. , should follow Oracle BMW Racing to challenge Alinghi under the black and white colors of Brittany.

A black hull. A white stoat. These are the symbols of this wild wild west european new challenger. If the CEO and the helmsman of the breton team are not already known, few rumours fly over the ports of the past independant region of France. Olivier de Kersauson, nobleman of this region, is said to be at the head of this ’Défi Breton’. But others said that the skipper of Geronimo, who has missed few days ago the round the world record Record #sailingrecord , could have let the place to another breton sailor. The designers of the team are also unknown but Gilles Ollier, manager of Multiplast shipyard in Vannes, designers of the Jet Services and Orange / Club Med sisterships, could be in the list. As is said to be Pierre Rolland, based in Brest Brest #brest . The designer of Bernard Stamm’s Open 60, leader of Around Alone, is already working with Denis Gléhen from Hervé Devaux Structures, the office responsible of the structural studies for most of the 60 multihulls in France and for both 6e Sens and Areva IACC boats…

Team Breizh Land managing team is also said to be in contact with Seattle OneWorld Challenge to purchase its last two fast boats of the 2002 edition of the Louis Vuitton Cup. Following the XXXIInd Protocol for the next America’s Cup America's Cup #AmericasCup , the breton challenge would then be able to buy the boats but also all the design and technical informations from the american Challenger... A good opportunity for the french team to rase an international level as soon as possible. Both boats should wear the black and with colors of the Breton flag. They will join an older one, seen this weekend in the bay of Lorient Lorient L’actualité du port de Lorient et de sa région. , sailing under its news colors. This one could be the old 6e Sens, rent to late Defi Areva. She was wearing the name of ’Gwen Ha Due’ (black and white in breton language and also name of the breton flag). The two american boats should be named by the syndicate ’Amoco’ and ’Erika’ to pay tribute to the oil tankers which had sunk not far from the coast of Brittany, making historical and unforgotten pollutions in the heart of breton people.

NOTE : All information, published on April Fools Day, is completely wrong ! Of course...

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