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SeaSailSurfer of March 2003

Team Alinghi is SeaSailSurfer of March

Winner of the America’s Cup

lundi 31 mars 2003Christophe Guigueno

Why one more than the others ? The victory of the Swiss Team of Alinghi in the America’s Cup America's Cup #AmericasCup on last 2 March is a victory of team. They are thus all SeaSailSurfers of the month.

Photo : F.Socha

The first of them is of course Ernesto Bertarelli. The owner of the pharmaceutical company Serono managed to assemble a europeanchallenge able to defy the best teams of the world. For that, it trusted its faithful like Michel Bonnefous and engaged the best sailors of the world like Russell Coutts and its handle of New Zealand mercenaries. He did assembled an international team all while giving him a unit which never trembled at the time of the regattas of the challengers series just like at the time of the finale of the Cup.

The owner on board carried out an exploit him also, that to remain on the level where it was in 1995 and in 2000. Maybe with highest since there remained unconquered at the time of a match of finale of Cup. These successes, Russell Coutts owes them with its exceptional talent but more especially its faithful friends who followed him in the Swiss adventure : Brad Butterworth - tactician -, Simon Daubney, Warwick Fleury, Murray Jones - tactician and Dean Phipps - N°2 -. There are well also all the others like the German Jochen Schuemann, Swiss and French and other nationalities crews embarked in the adventure.

The success of Alinghi is still the success of the design team taken along by the Dutchman Rolf Vrolijk who knew to conceive effective Class America. It is still the result of the work of the builders, sailing designers, shore-team and of course of the team of communication Communication #Communication who, so much on the text than on the official site, were best trade unions engaged on the Louis Vuitton Cup and the Cut of America.

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