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Rules of the third edition of the Trophy of the Minis

And official calendar of entered regattas

dimanche 23 mars 2003Christophe Guigueno

The Trophy of the Minis is a classification of the skippers sailing offshore racing yachts of 6,50 meters long entering in the circuit minis 2003. It is established for the two classes : prototype boats and boats of series.

After two years of existence, the Trophy of the Minis undergoes a new recasting of its rules at the request of many competitors. In 2002, the classification of the crew-members for the races in double had been taken into account. It will be the same in 2003.

But the main modification relates to the number of validated regattas. With the difference of the classifications 2001 and 2002, the classification 2003 will hold account only registered races with the calendar of the Classe Mini 650 Mini 650 #mini650 and being able to accept the prototype division and/or series.

For not devaluing a skipper (or a crew-member) who sails on a boat of the series divisision compared to another, the national championship of a boat of series produced by the same shipyard will not be taken into account. The Pogo National had been entered thus in 2002. It will not be it in 2003.

Lastly, the distribution of the regattas between the Atlantic basins and the Mediterranean being rather homogeneous, there should not be, in 2003, of advantage given to a certain part of runners sailing in an area rather than in another. In this spirit, the races like Mini-Fastnet and Transat 650 does not form part of the Atlantique basin exclusively since they belong to the major objectives of the season 2003 for all the competitors.

• Mode of calculation of the points

This classification is updated at the wire of the season according to following rules :

1. The Trophy of the Minis is addressed the skippers and to crew-members (cf 4.2) of sailing yachts measured by the Classe Mini according to categories defined by this same class between prototypes and series. To refer to the Mini Guide for more information.

2.1 The races validated for the Trophy of the Minis are the races of the calendar 2003.

2.2. A crew regatta cannot be taken into account that if it is opened with all the classes and categories of boats.

2.3. The classification taken into account will be that provided by the organizers, the Mini Class, or, in worst of the cases, by a competitor itself (while waiting for the reception of a more official classification).

3. The minimum number of participants to be retained by category (prototype or series) is 5.

4. The classification is carried out at the points.

4.1 The winner adds up in a number of points the same number as that of participants multiplied by the multiplying coefficient of the race. The second, the number of participants minus one, multiplied by the coefficient. And so on. The declared competitors abandonment, DSQ or DNS/DNF add up a point multiplied by the coefficient.

4.2. The crew-members taking part in races in double into 2002 are entered in the annual classification with the same number of points as the skipper.

5. The multiplying coefficients are :
- Solo race of more than 1000 miles : X 5. Example : Mini-Transat Mini-Transat #MiniTransat .
- Solo race of less than 1000 miles : X 3. Example : Select 650 ; Transgascogne.
- Race in double of more than 1000 miles : X 4. Example : Saguenay 2000.
- Race in double of less than 1000 miles : X 2. Example : Roma x2 ; Race of the Lions ; Mini-Fastnet, Transgascogne.
- Crew race : X 1. Example : Challenge Mini.

• Program 2003

Mediterranean bassin (5 races + 2)
- Roma X 2 in April : Roma - Capri - Lipari - Roma
- Corsica X 2 in May : Lavagna - Corsica - Lavagna
- Odyssée d’Ulysses (double) from the 6 to April 21 : Antibes - Hammamet - Antibes
- Race of the Lions from the 3 to May 10 (double) : Camargue Port - Camargue Port
- Mini max (double) from the 5 to July 13 : Port the Camargue Macinaggio

Atlantic bassin (5 races + 2)
- Select 650 (solo) 1st at May 4 : Pornichet - Pornichet
- Mini-Pavois (solo) 18 to May 29 : La Rochelle - Portsmouth - Douarnenez Douarnenez #Douarnenez
- Minis-Fastnet (double) June 14-22 : Douarnenez Douarnenez #Douarnenez - Fastnet - Douarnenez
- Chrono 650 Chrono 650 #chrono650 4 to July 6 : Lorient Lorient L’actualité du port de Lorient et de sa région. - turn of the island of Groix.
- Open ½ Clé July 12-14 (solo and/or double) : Locmiquélic - Bourgenay
- Transgascogne July 20-30 (solo and double) : Bourgenay - Gijon - Bourgenay
- Transat 650 September 7 (solo) : La Rochelle - Lanzarote - El Salvador de Bahia

Partners 2003 seeks partners to reward the handing-over of the prices which will be held, as at the time of the previous years, during the Paris boat show in December. For any information, to contact Christophe Guigueno by mail ( ).

NB : This classification is not official and engages only its author. For any complaint, to provide the official results of the tests disputed during the season. The organizers of race are invited to transmit their official classification to the drafting of : .

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