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2018 APP World Tour : Aruthur Arutkin (FRA) and Shae Foudy (USA) reign supreme

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Arthur Arutkin & Shae Foudy showcase what it takes to be a World Champion on the iconic waters of France’s capital at the Paris SUP Open this weekend. Coming into this final stop on the APP World Tour, both Foudy and Arutkin needed to overcome final obstacles in order to achieve respective World Titles. In the midst of a stormy political weekend in Paris with protests rocking the central city, APP athletes showed grit, determination and positivity in closing out the 2018 racing season.

Arutkin shows gutsy performance to win World Championship

In a wildly exciting Title Race this year, the APP World Tour is proud to announce the 2018 World Title athletes : Arthur Arutkin (FRA) and Shae Foudy (USA). Arthur, long time contender on the APP World Tour, found his stride this year through a season of impressive performances. This weekend, in Paris, he proved to himself and the rest of the World that he is capable of of holding his own among the best in the world and claimed the APP World Championship.

Arthur’s run for the World Title included his coming from behind in a show of sheer determination. At the start of the season, his presence in London was felt, epecially in the Sprint races, where he fought hard but just could not best the fiery figure of Hawaii’s Kai Lenny. Arthur’s consistent effort placed him second Overall in London behind Aussie powerhouse Michael Booth. This fueled Arutkin’s commitment to achieving a World Title.

Arriving in New York this past September, Arutkin dominated the Distance course on the historic Hudson River and claimed a first place win there. In the Sprints, his presence and power made him a lethal threat. Again, he fell just short of his goal as Connor Baxter came on in the stormy seas to surf Surf #Surf his way to a first place finish. Arthur’s combined scores and his Overall Win in New York put him firmly in the standings in the race for a World Title. We knew his homecoming to France would be his finest performance yet.

Team mates and good friends, Shae Foudy & Candice Appleby battle it out for a World Title

After a dominant start to the season in London, 19-year-old Shae Foudy (USA) clearly demonstrated that she has come of age and is ready to take down the best of the best on the APP World Championship Tour. Shae’s skill & determination in the Thames River race in London afforded her a second place finish to Japan’s Yuka Sato. And then, in both the Sprints and Long Distance races along London’s Royal Docks, Shae’s star began to rise as she bested a stacked field of seasoned competitors including team mate and mentor, Candice Appleby.

Later in the season, at the New York SUP Open, Candice responded by claiming the Distance Course win. Then, in the Sprints, Shae struggled in the surf Surf #Surf where she fell to third place behind Candice and Australia’s Terrene Black.

Only 1,000 points separated the team mates in the overall rankings as we arrived in Paris with Shae just ahead of Candice. We knew it would be a test of personalities to determine who would win the final races in Paris : the Sprints in the pool and the Distance on the River Seine to determine the 2018 APP World Racing Champion.

Arutkin wins Paris and brings World Title home to France

Arriving in Paris, it was clear that Arthur Arutkin would accept nothing less than a World Title. For the Indoor Sprints, his focus was absolute. Moving through the rounds, as the heat timing continued to drop, Arthur answered every call to paddle Paddle #standuppaddle #paddleboard faster with another gear in his wheel house.

The final heat arrived and matched him against Danish Viking and speed champion Casper Steinfath. It was a race to be remembered. A crowd gathered to cheer on the Final Round and, as each man took their places on the start line, the energy was palpable. Race Director Anthony Vela called the start and the men were off ! Working at a punishing pace, each racer had his head down and a determined gleam in his eyes.

Arutkin would not back down and, as the fiery Viking crossed paths with him in the middle of the pool for the final leg, spectators rose to their feet. Crossing the finish line together, it was up to Anthony Vela APP Race Director to verify the timing stats. Arutkin won by hundredths of a second and secured his World Champioinship.

Shae Foudy bests mentor to grab APP World Title

Shae’s championship run held a test of a different kind for the young rider. Her long time training partner, friend and mentor Candice Appleby was her competition to beat. Candice, on a comeback from the early season that had all the lookings of a steam engine rolling down the tracks, was not going to give way. The two women came to the Paris SUP Open both knowing that they faced each other to win a World Championship.

In Shae’s Semi Final for the Sprints, she faced her mentor across the pool. In a massive performance, Shae edged out in front and won the race to move on to the Finals, eventually placing second to Annie Reickert froom Maui. The final race on the Seine would be the determining factor for Shae’s first World Title.

Sunday’s race was cold & windy. 15 knot headwinds greeted the racers and the temps hovered in the 40’s. Both Candice and Shae looked at the texture of the wind on the water and visualized the 8-mile grind that lay ahead.

All Shae had to do was stay out in front. One placement ahead of Candice would be enough to secure her World Title.

Working together in a train, the girls of SUP worked their way up the river. Wind and cold in their faces, neither woman could afford to give in to the elements. France’s Susak Molinere, Australia’s Terrene Black and Japan’s Yuka Sato were all a part of the lead pack. Candice pulled, then Yuka.

Evenutally, Yuka broke away to establish a clear lead and Shae forged out in front of her mentor. Stroke for stroke with Molinere in their midst, the two Infinity team mates had their eyes only on each other. Shae’s time had come. Her resolve, unshakable.

Yuka crossed the finish line first in a clear win. Then came France’s Susak Molinere. Shae lunged through the finish to secure third place and claimed her first World Title. Candice fourth and Terrence a close fifth. Truly, this was a testament to each woman’s strength of character.

Top 3 Men : 2018 APP World Tour

  • 1st place - Arthur Arutkin (FRA)
  • 2nd place - Michael Booth ( AUS)
  • 3rd place - Connor Baxter (USA)

Top 3 Overall Women : APP World Tour

  • 1st place - Shae Foudy (USA)
  • 2nd place - Candice Appleby (USA)
  • 3rd place - Terrene Black (AUS)

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