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Giancarlo Pedote passed first the "gate" situated off Poto Calero

dimanche 17 novembre 2013Redaction SSS [Source RP]

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This morning at 5.14 (French time) , Giancarlo has passed the first mandatory gate set by the organization in the Canaries. On this occasion, he was able to contact the organisation Organisation #organisation and indicate that everything is fine on board.

At 5:14 this morning, Giancarlo passed first the "gate" situated off Poto Calero (Arracife, Canary Islands), the mandatory passage point before the route to Pointe- a-Pitre.

The second, Bertrand Delesne (Teamwork), passed the same point 4 hours later (exactly at 9.15 french time), followed after 30 minutes by Benoit Marie (

This point in the Canary Islands practically coincides with that which was originally intended to be the finish line of the first leg of the Mini Transat before the union of the leg Sada - Arracife and the second leg (Arracife -Pointe -à- Pitre).

It is therefore natural to make a point of the situation, which reveales again 4 hours of distance between Pedote and the second of the fleet.

The first advantage of Pedote had been deleted for the cancellation of the validity of the first part of the race (for weather conditions) ; now any distance in the classement is going to be subject to different weather conditions to which each vessel will be subject to during and after the transition from the Canary Islands. This because the stop over was deleted.

But only the first one thousand miles have been completed : now begins the second part of the longer leg of the Mini Transat which is addressed to vessels of 6.50 m, without navigation software and without any contact to the ground.

The sailors only have a VHF and a shortwave radio to pick up the weather and the message with the classement and forecast weather given once a day by the organization.

Giancarlo and Prysmian are already passing over the Canary Islands and they prepare to cross the Atlantic, but behind him many boats have signaled a willingness to disembark in Arracife : the Canary Islands represent the last chance of a technical stop. It is from November 14 morning that Giancarlo keeps the leadership of the Mini Transat on board Prysmian 747 .

Due to a change in the intensity of the winds and the effects of the coasts of the archipelago, his distance from the fleet is naturally diminished. A more precise point will be possible at the exit of all ships from the Canary Islands.

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