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Solidaire du Chocolat

de Lamotte et Hardy win first race to Progreso

Soldini & D’Ali second • Jourdren & Stamm third

dimanche 15 novembre 2009Redaction SSS [Source RP]

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Tanguy de Lamotte et Adrien Hardy ont coupé la ligne d’arrivée de la première édition de la Solidaire du Chocolat Solidaire du Chocolat #solidaireduchocolat reliant Saint Nazaire (France) à Progreso (Mexique) ce samedi 14 novembre à 9h25, heure française (8 h 25 TU). Tanguy de Lamotte and Adrien Hardy crossed the finishing line of the first run of the Solidaire du Chocolat Solidaire du Chocolat #solidaireduchocolat from Saint Nazaire (France) to Progreso (Mexico) 8h25 UT on Saturday. They took line honours of the first edition of this yacht race across the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea after 26 days 16 hours and 35 minutes covering almost 5000 nautical miles.

- Tanguy de Lamotte (Initiatives-Novedia) on arriving in Progreso : « This feels good ! Just brilliant ! 26 days is a bit long. We’re sorry to have taken our time at the end. We’re impressed by the welcome we have received. Fireworks as we crossed the finishing line, the Maya ceremony as we disembarked, brilliant. My first thoughts are for Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque. What a pleasure it was to find Nana’s foster family here in Progreso. Nana was operated on just before the start. Thanks also to both sponsors who are here and without whom none of this would have been possible. The adventure ends with such a fine finish, victory, for the first time on a transatlantic race for both Adrien and myself. It’s fantastic, an emotional moment. What a hard race it is ! Winning in Mexico, for the first time that the country is hosting an ocean yacht race, we are privileged to be among its pioneers. The boat suffered. We actually worked out the number of impacts she was subject to in the waves and series of six low pressure systems, and it came to something around 40 000 impacts ! Adrien and I got along really well. Being young probably helped us keep on top of things all the time. All of the decisions were made together and now we are going to celebrate our victory together. »

Giovanni Soldini and Pietro d’ Ali, on Telecom Italia crossed the finish line in 2nd place on Sunday November 15th at 05:25:20 GMT with a 7.59 knot average speed after 5,000 miles and just 19 hours and 20 seconds behind the race winners, Tanguy de Lamotte and Adrien Hardy on Initiatives-Novedia. Bruno Jourdren and Bernard Stamm, on board Cheminées Poujoulat took 3rd place at 05:44:04 GMT with only 18 minutes and 44 seconds separating the two Class40s.

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Top 3 rankings

- 1 – Initiatives-Novedia (De Lamotte-Hardy) after 26 days 16 hours 35 minutes 00 second at 7,82 knots
- 2 – Telecom Italia (Soldini-D’Ali) after 27 days 11 hours 00 minutes 20 seconds at 7,59 knots
- 3 – Cheminées Poujoulat (Jourdren-Stamm) after 27 days 11 hours 54 minutes 04 seconds at 7,59 knots

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