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Speed record

50,17 knots : L’Hydroptère gets the mile record

Alain Thébault breaks the 50 knots barrier over one nautical mile

Thursday 12 November 2009Christophe Guigueno

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Two monthes after the outright record Record #sailingrecord over 500 meters, l’Hydroptère, the 60 feet foiler has conclued its mediterrannean record Record #sailingrecord breaking campaign with another record. The fastest sailboat of the world make an impressive 50,17 knots over one nautical mile ( 92,91 km/h). Alain Thébault and his ten men crew broke the record in Hyères, south of France, on Sunday 8 november in 28 knots of north-west wind.

- Alain Thébault : “For 30 years, passion and daring have carried me forward, but this victory really belongs to our indomitable, tight-knit team. The historic record Record #sailingrecord of more than 50 knots over one nautical mile is powerful because it lies at the frontier between the twin capacities of this extraordinary flying trimaran that is both a high-speed Speed #speedsailing craft and an ocean-going sailboat. Our team now holds the top two speed Speed #speedsailing records in the world, 51.36 knots over 500 metres and 50.17 knots over one nautical mile, and we can now concentrate on ocean sailing in 2010."

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l’Hydroptère records

- 2 February 2005 : Crossing the Channel fastest than Blériot’s plane
- 4 April 2007 : Two speed records.
- 4 September 2009 : outright record : 51,36 knots / 500 metres. top speed : 55,5 knots (103 km/h) in Hyères (France).
- 8 November 2009 : Record over one mille : 50,17 knots in Hyères

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