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2008 SeaSailSurfers

SeaSailSurfer of December 2008 : Michel Desjoyeaux

From last to 1st in the Vendée Globe

mardi 30 décembre 2008Christophe Guigueno

On December 3rd, Michel Desjoyeaux wasback in the top 10 of the Vendée Globe, 3 weeks after his second start from Les Sables d’Olonne. At the end of the month, he is the leader. Mich’Desj is the SeaSailSurfer of December.

SeaSailSurfer of May 2008 : Loïck Peyron

Third time winner of the Transatlantic Race : Offshore racing was good for senior sailors this month. They are not as old as Sir Robin but Loïck Peyron, 48, and Jean-Paul Mouren, 55, remembered themselves to the young guns of the Figaro and IMOCA Imoca #IMOCA circuits. Mouren won the transat AG2R Transat AG2R #TALM with Laurent Pellecuer. Peyron won The Artemis Transat and, he is the SeaSailSurfer of the month !

From the time he is at the head of the Gitana Team, Peyron is preparing his come-back. He has made built a new Open 60 in the same molds than Jean-Pierre Dick’s one. Perfectly built, his Farr design is one of the faster yachts of the circuit and the helmsman ready to compete. Better than being the first man to win The Transat The Transat #thetransat #ostar 3 times, he is the one who has won the last two solo transatlantics : the Transat BtoB (back from Brazil) and The Artemis Transat. Desjoyeaux and Riou, the past winners of the race who have abandonned the race and all the young guns now have a big competitor in their target. Loïck Peyron is not back to finish again second in the Vendée Globe.


SeaSailSurf’s barometer of May 2008

;-) ;-) ;-) Pellécuer et Mouren Both skippers from the south of France won the Transat AG2R Transat AG2R #TALM .
;-) ;-) Giovanni Soldini Class 40 skipper and winner of the Artemis Transat.
;-) VPLP French designers work for BMW Oracle Racing team.
:-( Vincent Riou Past winner of the Vendée Globe abandonned a race again.
:-( :-( Ed Baird the best helmsman of the world capsizes again.
:-( :-( :-( ISAF the international federation said no again to the multihull for the Olympic Games of 2012.

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