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2008 SeaSailSurfers

SeaSailSurfer of December 2008 : Michel Desjoyeaux

From last to 1st in the Vendée Globe

mardi 30 décembre 2008Christophe Guigueno

On December 3rd, Michel Desjoyeaux wasback in the top 10 of the Vendée Globe, 3 weeks after his second start from Les Sables d’Olonne. At the end of the month, he is the leader. Mich’Desj is the SeaSailSurfer of December.

SeaSailSurfer of June 2008 : Pierre-Yves Lautrou

Journalist, sailor and winner of the Mini-Fastnet ! Journalist at « L’Express », blogger for « Au Large » and, from this month of June, winner of the famous two-handed Mini-Fastnet (with Stevan Urien), Pierre-Yves Lautrou, know as « PYL », is the SeaSailSurfer of the month.

In 2001, Pierre-Yves Lautrou, 35 yo, entered in the Mini-Transat Mini-Transat #MiniTransat in the serie division, the one-design one. From 2004, he is also of the first members of the AOS sailing base in Lorient Lorient L’actualité du port de Lorient et de sa région. . During the week he works as journalist for the weekly “L’Express” and on the weekends, he takes the train to join Brittany for training sessions or competitions in the 6.50 circuit. This month, he won the two-handed classic, the Mini-Fastnet. And this summer, he will compete in the solo Les Sables – Les Açores – Les Sables. PYL est the SeaSailSurfer of the month.

More about PYL
- His blog about sailing for L’Express :
- His blog as skipper :

SeaSailSurf’s barometer of June 2008

;-) ;-) ;-) Eric Tabarly Ten years after he passed away, the French sailor is everywhere : movie, museum, magazines...
;-) ;-) Gildas Morvan The « Green Giant » has won the Course des Falaise.
;-) Proust & Moteau French races won the Archipelago Raid. Skål !
:-( Valencia ACM has no more contract with the spanish City.
:-( :-( Yvan Bourgnon The skipper broke his trimaran in Dubai.
:-( :-( :-( Nadège Douroux Ingrid Petitjean’s partner will not go to China. Officially for “health” reasons.

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