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2008 SeaSailSurfers

SeaSailSurfer of December 2008 : Michel Desjoyeaux

From last to 1st in the Vendée Globe

Tuesday 30 December 2008Christophe Guigueno

On December 3rd, Michel Desjoyeaux wasback in the top 10 of the Vendée Globe, 3 weeks after his second start from Les Sables d’Olonne. At the end of the month, he is the leader. Mich’Desj is the SeaSailSurfer of December.

SeaSailSurfer of october : Sébastien Cattelan

First man to sail faster thant 50 knots over 500 meters. The SeaSailSurfer of the month made his record early in october. The french kitesurfer was competing with other kitesurfers and windsurfers in Namibia during the Luderitz Speed Speed #speedsailing Challenge. And he was the first to break the 50 knots barrels !

Few days before, Cattelan showed that his GPS registered more than 58 knots over few metters. That was a clear message than kitesurfers were ready to win the putch over windsurfers and foilers. On october 3rd, that was done with 50.26 knots rattified for Cattelan. Few days after, Caizergues made better with 50.57. And that’s the news record to break.

SeaSailSurf barometer of october 2008

;-) ;-) ;-) Alexandre Caizergues The other kitesurfer is the new man to beat over 500 meters.
;-) ;-) Nicolas Bérenger Double winner of Cap Istanbul Cap Istanbul #CapIstanbul .
;-) Torben Grael Brazilian skipper and his crew broke the 600 nm limit over 24 hours 24 hours 24 hours best distance covered records .
:-( Vendée Globe Who is responsible for the Hugo Boss accident ? The crew ? the fishing boat ? The organisation Organisation #organisation ?
:-( :-( L’Hydroptère the 60’ foiler announced GPS records when kitesurfers were making true records.
:-( :-( :-( Antonio Pedro Da Cruz The winner of leg 2 in Cap Istanbul Cap Istanbul #CapIstanbul received a big penaly in leg 5 for motor lead change.

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