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A Zeydon Z60 designed by BMW Group DesignworksUSA

Inspiring partnership clears the way for a new category of offshore yachts

jeudi 14 juin 2007Redaction SSS [Source RP]

Fascinating design, outstanding performance and maximum comfort are the hallmarks of a new generation of offshore yachts currently being developed by the Belgian boat company Zeydon in close cooperation with BMW Group DesignworksUSA.

The first result of this strategic partnership is the Zeydon Z60, an offshore yacht of the 60-foot class, combining the sailing performance potential of an offshore yacht with an uncompromising range of equipment features and the elegance of a modern luxury cruiser.

In choosing BMW Group DesignworksUSA as a development partner, Zeydon has deliberately pinned its hopes on the company’s diverse and interdisciplinary experience in the field of design strategy, brand communication Communication #Communication and product development. The design studio, an independently operating BMW Group subsidiary based in Los Angeles, Singapore and Munich, was already incorporated into the conceptual work during the initial phase of the project. Resulting from this, the requirements expected in the field of design, space provision, hydrodynamics and technology were able to grow into a unique entity in an exceptionally efficient way.

Both concept and design of the Zeydon Z60 spotlighted on eliminating the ever-increasing contrast between offshore yachts and luxury cruisers. Consequently, the aim was to establish a unique category of offshore yachts in the 60-foot class and at the same time symbolise a unique combination of design attributes. Thanks to this resolutely implemented development strategy, the boat, which has been presented as a luxury sports cruiser, was able to fulfil the manifold demands in a most convincing way.

The crew of the Zeydon Z60 are guaranteed a unique sailing experience, without having to accept a compromise in terms of comfort. Regatta-oriented functionality and effortless handling are combined with a generously designed deck area and a range of equipment features, which up to now were usually only found on much larger yachts. The remarkable concept is also distinctively accentuated by the exterior design of the Zeydon Z60. The styling of the hull and the superstructures signalises dynamics. The high-quality materials and styling focussing on precision and optimum functionality right down to the smallest detail reflect inimitable design quality standards, this being in line with the Zeydon Warf’s aspiration to achieve a high standard of workmanship coupled with the utilization of innovative manufacturing methods.

Thanks to its innovative and symbolic design, the Zeydon Z60 is an eye-catcher at any port. Offshore the yacht puts on a convincing show with performance characteristics reaching competitive level. Nevertheless, passengers above and below deck are still able to enjoy every comfort expected of a modern, premium-class cruiser. With the Zeydon Z60 yachting enthusiasts are being offered something really innovative and exclusive. The company has announced that it will be producing between five and ten yachts per year.

With their commitment to this unique yacht building project, the experts from BMW Group DesignworksUSA have once again clearly demonstrated their outstanding conceptual and creative know-how. Through its design competence, which reaches far beyond the transport and automobile sector, the BMW Group subsidiary has acquired an excellent reputation worldwide. In addition to its activities for the BMW Group, the international design team works for a number of big names from the field of IT and consumer electronics, aviation, lifestyle and medical. When developing design concepts and strategies, top priority is given not only to product design, but also to the understanding of the desires and needs of consumers. As a result of these attributes BMW Group DesignworksUSA provides its clients with valuable incentives for the entire development process, a vital factor for the success of corporate objectives.

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